Electric Controls

You can turn the car on with the blue button to the right of the steering wheel, under the air vent. You'll need to push the brake before the car will turn on.

You can also adjust the wing mirrors from here. Select which mirror to adjust with the 'L-R' toggle switch, the use the 'Mirror' direction pad to make changes.


Power Windows and Central Locking can be found on the driver's door. The button at the very top (with a cross over the door image) will lock the window control on the passenger doors.


On the steering wheel, there are two sets of controls. To the right are the menu controls - use these to navigate the LED screen in the middle of the dashboard, which gives you information about the car, fuel, and your trip details.


On the left of the steering wheel you'll find the remote for the audio system. Use this to change tracks or radio stations, and to adjust playback volume.


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