What to do about a flat tyre

If you've got a flat tyre while driving the Outlander, first make sure you're parked somewhere safe, and put the hazard lights on. Next, give us a call on 1300 769 389.

If you can fix the flat yourself (below) we still need to know you've done so, so that our fleet team can replace the repair kit. If you can't fix it, we'll need to arrange for someone to help you out.

To fix the flat yourself, you'll need to use the repair kit. Most new cars now come with repair kits instead of spare tyres as they are lighter, and typically faster to use.

In the boot, under the false floor, you'll find the tyre repair kit.



Consult the car owner's manual in the glove box for instructions on how to use the kit.

Below is a video you can watch to get the gist of how these are used. Please note that while the Outlander's repair kit is the same model in the video, the cars are different, and you should still consult the owner's manual, as there are specific warnings you should follow.

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