How to charge the car

The Outlander is a plug in hybrid. The engine battery will charge as you drive the car with the petrol engine, but to get the most fuel efficiency you'll need to plug it in.

Our Outlander pods all have a charge point that you should plug in when you drop the car off at the end of your booking. Alternatively you can plug the car into a normal wall socket. The pictures below go through the latter option, but they suit the first option too.

Remember, the car can be locked while it's charging, and it should be. Just make sure you have you GoGet keycard with you, and make sure the car is safe as it charges.

Press down on the charging point cover on the driver's side of the vehicle to expose the charge points.

Uncap the rear-most charge point - this is the 240 volt point.

Find the charging cable and transformer - it's in the boot under the first fake floor.


Connect the white trigger to the charge point.

Connect this end to a 240 volt power socket - you can use an extension cable if you need to.
It should take around 5-6 hours for the car to get a full charge.
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