Text messaging still a thing?

SMS - it’s the 90s technology we all still love. GoGet uses SMS in a few exciting and useful ways:

Someone has the car after you
If somebody books your car immediately after you, you’ll get a text to say that you won’t be able to extend your booking.

The car is out of its pod
If somebody has reported that they had to return the car somewhere other than the pod, you’ll get a text with the car’s new location.

Reporting a new location
You can even report if you’ve had to park the car somewhere else. Save the number 0427 777 769 to your phone, and text with the car’s name, number plate and temporary new parking spot. We’ll text it to the next member, so they can find the car without doing a blocky.

SMS booking confirmations
We can also send your booking confirmations as text messages. Make a booking, and you’ll get a text with the car’s name, number plate and fuel card PIN. To do this, log in to My Info and turn it on (it costs 25c per booking). This is a per-driver setting, so it won’t affect other drivers on your account.

Please remember that when texting to report something, use the 0427 777 769 number. If you reply to the confirmation messages from "GOGET", the message won’t go anywhere, so you can't get chatty with the cars like above.

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