Keep em' clean

We pride ourselves on providing clean, comfortable cars for everybody to use. Our team of cleaners are constantly out on the road cleaning cars in and out, but we also rely on you, our members, to tidy up at the end of your booking. If you ever eat in the car, take home gardening supplies or had a nice day at the beach, please make sure you tidy up. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just how you’d like to see a car when you pick one up.

If the car is beyond a simple tidy up, that’s okay! You can take it to a car cleaner and claim up to $16 in costs (just keep the receipt), or give us a call and book in a special clean. Depending on the circumstances a cleaning fee may be charged for a special clean - but if members leave a car dirty without organising a clean at all, the next member will report it and they’ll get a fine.

Remember, it’s always easier to prevent mess than to clean it up, so take towels and sheets if you ever think there might be spillage.

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