The Domino Effect - Parking

We know how frustrating it is when some gremlin is parked in a GoGet pod and you can’t return your car to its home.

As tempting as it might be to park in another nearby empty GoGet pod when yours is taken, that causes a lot of on-flow issues when that car can’t return to its pod, and it turns one problem into a multi-headed Hydra of problems.

If your pod is taken when you come back, please don’t park in another GoGet pod. Check your booking confirmation email, it will tell you what to do when you can’t park in the pod. For instance, the car might have a residential parking permit, or some other arrangement has been made with council to let you park legally nearby.

If you've had to park somewhere other than the car's pod, please let us know. We'll tell the next member where to find the car, so they don't think the car has disappeared.
You can call and leave a voicemail, or text the car's name and number plate to 0427 777 769 with the new location.

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