Damage cover

GoGet has a damage cover which we need to collect in the event of any damage or accidents. There are 2 types of coverage you can select which are listed below:

1. Standard coverage

25 or older with full licence

        $2000 with no additional booking charges


        $2500 with no additional booking charges

Under 21

        $3000 with no additional booking charges

L plates or first year P plates (L or P platers can only select standard coverage)

        $3500 with an additional $2 per hour, maximum $18 per day

2. Lowered damage cover (21+ with full licence)

  • $300 with extra $1.75 per hour to a maximum $18 per day



25 years or older

21-24 years

Under 21

Reduced liability ($1.75/hour, max $18 per day)



Not available

Standard liability (no extra)




Learners (standard coverage only)

$3500. Conditions apply for members on L plates or 1st year red P plates, please see http://www.goget.com.au/learners


The damage cover option can be changed when making a booking. 

If a member breaches the member contract, they can be held liable for the full cost for all parties involved.

GoGet will need to collect the damage cover at the time of reporting damage or accident. If you are found to not be at fault, GoGet will return your damage cover.

GoGet will refund any remaining funds available after repairs have been completed and keep the member updated the entire process. All quotes and invoices will be provided throughout the repair process.


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