The IKEA lifestyle

If you’ve ever booked a van from IKEA, you’ll know it involves a return trip back to the store at the end of your booking. So you can make the most of your return trip, we’ve asked around and gathered some hints!

Take your packaging back for recycling
This is especially good if you live in an apartment building and share your bins. So you don’t fill your wheelies up, unwrap your purchases when you get home, load the cardboard and plastic back into the van, and give it to IKEA to recycle.

Recycle old light bulbs and batteries
IKEA recycle things that your normal household collection doesn’t, like light bulbs and batteries. Do a quick round up, and take them back with you.

Pick up what you forgot
The bigger an IKEA trip, the more likely it is that you’ve forgotten something, or bought the wrong thing. Going back means you can sort it out on the same day, instead of having to wait until your next trip.

Grab lunch!
After a big shop and all that heavy lifting, you’ll be hungry. Have some meatballs, have a coffee and chill out for a bit. You don’t want to be building furniture with the hangries!


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