Not returning vehicle to pod

All GoGet bookings are return trips.

You must return your car to its home location at the end of your booking.

If you are unable to return the vehicle back to the allocated pod, because another car is parked there or some other obstruction, please SMS 0427 777 769 with the new location.

We will then tell the next member where the car is.

If you don't notify us of the location, the next member won't know where to find the car.

If they are inconvenienced by this, you will get a $25 Penalty.

Returning the car to a different pod, or deliberately leaving the car elsewhere, will incur a minimum $95 call-out fee, to cover the cost of our Fleet Team returning the car to the pod.

If the car is left in an area outside of our network you may also be liable for all costs associated with the recovery of the car.


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