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The GoGet system is based off an hourly or daily booking system. The rates vary between plans.  

Rates GoStarter GoOccasional GoFrequent

Membership fee

$49/year $10/month $30/month

Economy (hourly rate)

$10.35/hour $9.30/hour $6.35/hour

Economy (day rate)

$85/day $78/day $74/day

Fancy (hourly rate)

$14.35/hour $11.30/hour $8.35/hour

Fancy (day rate)

$91/day $88/day $88/day

Super fancy (hourly rate)

$16.35/hour $13.30/hour $10.35/hour

Super fancy (day rate)

$109/day $99/day $99/day


We also have business and students rates which can be found here:

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