When driving, do your best not to disobey the law - please!

Infringements include fines like parking tickets and speeding fines, but also more serious things.

For infringements that you get on the spot, if you pay by the due date we will be blissfully unaware. You only need to tell us if you lose your licence.

Infringements that come after the fact, like parking tickets issued after the booking (from how the car was returned), and speeding fines issued by speed cameras, will be allocated to the driver responsible. We are legally obligated to do this. Overdue fines also come to us and need to be investigated and allocated. Allocation is a manual process, so we charge a minimum $25 admin fee. The fine itself will come from the government authority separately.

Please note that GoGet does not have the power to appeal a fine on your behalf, retract fines or waive fines as they are issued by the relevant statutory authority.  If you have received a fine and wish to appeal it you must contact the issuing authority. 

Any serious traffic offences that we become aware of may lead to your membership being terminated.

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