I need to change my booking

After you make a booking, you have some time to make changes.

  • Within 1 hour of making the booking (as long as it hasn't started yet)
  • Up to the start of your booking (GoFrequent, GoBusiness & GoQuickstart Members)
  • Up to 8 hours before your booking starts (GoOccasional members)
  • Up to 12 hours before your booking starts (all other personal members)
  • Up until the booking start time (business members)

To make changes, click your booking on the day page of the Booking System, or use the Manage tab on the GoGet App.

There you can cancel your booking, and adjust the start or end times. To change to another car, cancel your booking and rebook another car.

You can always add to your booking

To bring forward your start time, or delay your end time, just make a separate booking for the consecutive hours before or after.

Our system will recognise it as a single booking at billing time, and all day rate and liability reduction charge maximums will be handled automatically.

If you need more time with the car, you can extend your booking using the app, booking system or by calling us. If someone else has booked the car immediately after you, you will receive a text saying that extensions are not possible.

You cannot change a booking once it has begun

If you make a booking after the start time (for example, book from 5pm at 5:15pm), no changes are possible. If you are finished with a car before your end time, you cannot shorten the booking or bring forward the end time.

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