I just need a car as a once-off

GoGet is a membership based system, which means we have joining and membership fees. If you truly only need a car as a one off, you'll need to consider these fees on top of the usage fees.

GoGet membership gives you access to cars when you need them - as often or infrequent as that may be. It might be a once-off now, but you are likely to have more "once offs" in future, and that's where your membership will come in handy.

If you're weighing up GoGet against traditional car rental for a one-off situation, please consider:

  • You can book a GoGet car for less than one day - for as little as an hour - which may save money compared to a full day rental
  • We pay for petrol - you may not even need to fill up if the tank is over 1/4 full at the end of your booking
  • We offer special rates for bookings 3 days or longer - ask us for a quote
  • Our insurance/damage liability costs are much more reasonable than most car rental companies
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