I've forgotten my member number or password

Oh, it happens!

If you've forgotten your access code, you can reset it by entering your member number and email address here: Password Reset Tool

If you've forgotten your member number, we don't have an online tool to retrieve that. Try a few common member number formats. Remember, the member number is always 8 digits:

  • Your mobile number with the leading 04 taken off
  • Your mobile number with the last 2 digits taken off
  • Your home or work number without the area code
  • Your date of birth in DDMMYYYY or YYYYMMDD format (e.g. 17091987 or 19870917)
  • Some other familiar 8 digit number

If you just can't make it work, give us a call, we'll ask some ID questions and provide your member number for next time.

TIP: Your access code can be changed by using the Password Reset Tool, but your member number is permanent and cannot be changed.

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