I need to refuel during my booking

GoGet always pays for petrol, we we rely on you to fill up.

Our cars have a motorpass fuel cards inside, which will let you fill up at most major petrol stations. The PIN for the fuel card is in your booking confirmation email, and in the GoGet app under “Manage Bookings”.

If you can’t find the fuel card, the PIN, or a service station which will accept the fuel card, then you may need to use your own money to pay for petrol. Please hold on to the receipt, and email it to fuel@goget.com.au. We’ll reimburse you for the cost.

Tip: The fuel cards only work with the right fuel, as specified in your booking confirmation email. If you use the wrong fuel, you’ll need to pay for petrol yourself, but we will still reimburse you. We always pay for petrol.

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