My car is dirty

For GoGet, there are three types of dirty:

  • “It’s time for a clean” - The car is usable, but it needs some attention soon
  • “I can’t drive this” - The car is unpleasantly smelly or excessively soiled inside
  • “Pets have been here” or “Someone was smoking” - Unwanted behaviour that needs to be reported

If you can’t drive the car in its current state, please feel free to book another car, and email us with as much information as you can. We won’t charge you for the original booking, and we’ll send someone out to attend to the car.

If you can drive, please email us at your earliest convenience. We’ll send our cleaners to the car to bring it back to new.

If you smell smoking or see pet hair, even if it doesn’t bother you, please let us know so we can identify the responsible member. If the next member reports it, you might get blamed.

As a general note, carshare cars are a shared resource, so they may be more or less clean than you would keep your own car. We professionally clean cars once every 2 weeks, and immediately when they are reported dirty.
You can help by sweeping out dirt or sand if you leave any behind, and by taking rubbish with you - whether or not it’s yours - at the end of your booking.

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