How do tolls work?

If you haven’t driven in our capital cities for a while, you’ll be surprised to know that tolls are no longer operated by people in boxes, and you don’t need to keep coins in your ashtray. It’s all electronic now!

All GoGet cars are equipped with tags or utilise tagless technology, so when you drive on a toll road, your GoGet account is automatically charged with the toll amount. We don't charge any additional fees for tolls, you'll only be charged the amount of your toll.

When you get your invoice for the month, check the toll column to see how much you paid in tolls for each trip.

Note: If you own an e-Tag, please don't bring it into the car. The magic toll reader will make them both beep, and charge both accounts. It's rather difficult to get a refund on one of them, trust us!

Please note that the M5 cashback program is not valid for carshare or car rental vehicles.

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