What is a preauthorisation?

When you make a booking with GoGet, a charge of $1 may appear in the pending transactions on your internet banking, PayPal account or credit card statement.

This is a temporary preauthorisation, and will be released after 2 weeks. The money doesn't ever leave your account, it's just a hold to ensure the credit card is valid and working.

We don't take more than one pre-authorisation at once. If you make a booking after the preauth is released, another will be taken.

When a preauthorization is released, you won't see a credit of the amount going back into your account. Instead, the pending charge disappears and the funds become available to you again.



If you have any questions about the implications of a pre-authorisation on your credit card account, please check with your bank.

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  • preauthorisation is $500? not $1 as this article pointed out?

  • Hi Prima,

    We just changed the preauth from $500 to $1 yesterday. We've had a lot of feedback from members that the $500 pre-auth was a pain.


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