What is a preauthorisation?

When you join GoGet, a pre-authorisation charge of $250 is taken against your credit card to ensure that the payment card is both valid and in credit. This charge may appear as a pending transaction on your internet banking, PayPal account or credit card statement.

The pre-authorisation is temporary and will be released within 4 weeks. The money doesn't ever leave your account, it's just a hold to ensure the credit card is valid and working. 

When the pre-authorisation is released, you won't see a credit of the amount going back into your account. Instead, the pending charge disappears and the funds become available to you again.

After this initial 4 week period, every time you make a booking we will check to make sure your card is valid by doing a $1 pre-authorisation. Again, this will be held for 4 weeks and the money won't leave your account. If you make another booking in this 2-week window, we won't check your card again.


If you have any questions about the implications of a pre-authorisation on your credit card account, please check with your bank.

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  • preauthorisation is $500? not $1 as this article pointed out?

  • Hi Prima,

    We just changed the preauth from $500 to $1 yesterday. We've had a lot of feedback from members that the $500 pre-auth was a pain.


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