Electric controls

There are many different controls for the driver and sometimes things can get a little confusing, especially if you haven't used this car before. Here are a few control tips that should help you out:


Power mirror

No need to drop the windows and manually adjust the mirrors to a position where you can see behind you. Most Hiace vans in the GoGet fleet come with powered mirrors for both passenger and drivers side. Simply select the mirror you're needing to adjust ('L' - passenger and 'R' drivers side), and use D-pad to manoeuvre to the best view.



Powered windows and door locks

The driver has all the power! You can open or close both door windows using the corresponding button on the armrest of the door. Just make sure they're all closed when you finished with the booking!

You can unlock or lock the doors with the button on the armrest also. We don't recommend doing this though, as the GoGet Smartcard is the best way to lock and unlock the van. 

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