Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the best way to stay connected while keeping safe on the road. By simply connecting your iPhone to the entertainment system, you can control Maps, phone calls, reminders, music and audio books all by using Siri.

To get started, you will first need to ensure Apple CarPlay is enabled on the entertainment system. Before you plug your phone into the car, use the touch screen to follow these steps:

1 - Unplug your iPhone (if it's already plugged in)
2 - Setup 
3 - Connectivity
4 - iOS 
5 - Toggle between CarPlay and standard Bluetooth/USB audio

Once you have enabled the CarPlay function within the system, plug your phone in using the lightning cable. The system will automatically display the CarPlay Home screen.


From the Home screen, you have the following important selections:

1 - Switch between Maps and calls
2 - Home button
3 - View current audio source
4 - Return to your cars home screen
The other selection will depend on your phone's configuration. 

To control CarPlay from the driver's seat you can either use the buttons to select manually or hold the answer call button on the steering wheel until you hear beeps. Then speak your commands to Siri.

If you have any queries about CarPlay, check the link below for the Kia Sportage manual:

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