How do I downgrade or cancel my membership?

You can downgrade or cancel your membership from the “My Account” section of the website. Login in to your GoGet Account here to check out what plan you are on, downgrade your GoGet plan or close your account.

If there is a chance you might want to use GoGet again in the future, you can downgrade to our free GoVan plan, which has no membership fees. This plan will still allow you access to our network of vans anytime you need to shop at IKEA or pick up a bargain from Gumtree. This plan limits the available vehicles to only our vans, but if you ever needed to use one of our other passenger vehicles all you would need to do is quickly upgrade to a different, suitable plan (much easier than signing up again). Or you can cancel your membership if you're sure you won't use GoGet again in future.

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