Radio controls

Radio setup – Description of how to operate the Radio and BluetoothYaris_Radio.jpg

  • Bluetooth connection

All Yaris models in the GoGet fleet come standard with a Bluetooth connection. This will allow you to use hands-free and play music through the onboard stereo system.
To connect to the radio, push the ‘Setup’ button on the bottom left. Using the left dial, scroll down to “Bluetooth” and push the “Enter List” button to select. Next select “BT Pairing”, then open your phones Bluetooth option. Once you have found the option for this vehicle, you will need to enter the Passkey on the display to connect.

  • Radio station search

Most vehicles will have preset radio stations which can be sorted through by push the buttons lined below the display. If you’re looking for a particular station, either scan all available stations with the “Scan” button on the left. Otherwise, you can manually search by using the “Tune” selector on the left.

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