Reverse locks - Locks out of Sync

Reverse locks is when the security system and the car door locks are out of sync. The car doors will be locked when you're tagged on, and vice versa, which can cause a lot of confusion and the alarm might go off if you try and start the car. Reverse locks only affects certain vehicles, and is usually caused by the doors being left open for more than 10 minutes, while the key is out of the ignition.


The vehicles affected are:

  • Toyota HiAce (van)
  • Kia Carnival (people mover)
  • Hyundai i30 (wagon)


Reverse locks are easy to fix, as long as you can identify what is going on first. The idea is to realign the door locks with the security system by using the in-car central locking button.


  1. Close all the doors firmly, including any sliding side doors
  2. Check out the unit. The light flashing means the security system is off, steady means enabled
  3. Try and open a door. Is it locked when the light is flashing, but unlocked when steady? If so, you’ve got yourself a reverse lock!
  4. You need to get into the car, so tap your smartcard on the reader if the doors are locked to make them unlocked
  5. Inside the car, use the central locking button to lock the doors. This will be on the driver’s door near the electric window controls, or in the centre dashboard with the radio controls
  6. Check the reader - is the light steady? A steady light and locked doors should go together
  7. Tap your smartcard on the reader from inside the car, to unlock the doors and make the lights on the reader flash
  8. Try and start the car - does the engine turn on without the alarm going off? If so, you’ve fixed it!
  9. Exit the car and tap your smartcard to lock the doors and change the lights to steady
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